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Celebrating over 110 years today

Over the new millennium, Thomas Jewellers kept on with their expansion plans, opening new stores in Wagga Wagga and Warrnambool in 2004 and following that up with a new store in Mildura two years later. Jim Thomas continues with his busy schedule, often working six days a week and managing all nine stores from Melbourne, regularly visiting branches to keep touch with staff and local demands.

The New Generation

Maintaining the tradition of expertise in fine diamonds and precious gems are Jamie, Jeremy and Sam Thomas. Each of the three brothers is a highly qualified gemmologist and diamond technologist, as well as a registered jewellery valuer. All of them have had extensive overseas training in the jewellery trade, and are playing greater roles in the management and development of Thomas Jewellers.

The Women of Thomas Jewellers

Often going unnoticed, the women behind the Thomas men each play an integral role in the family business as well. Most notably Sophie Thomas, sister to the three Thomas brothers, who has served the family business for over a decade. Jim Thomas and his wife, while having handed the reins over to Jamie, Jeremy and Sam, still remain very involved with the business through regular store visits, as well as overseas buying trips.

The wives of the Thomas brothers also play their part in helping to manage and run the business and its stores.

The Thomas Jewellers Team

It is only through the diligence and hard work put in by our loyal staff that Thomas Jewellers has been able to expand so efficiently. From our senior buyers to store managers, sales assistants, craftsmen and office staff, every effort has been made to recruit only the best – highly qualified and talented people, and meld them into an effective and cohesive team.

A measure of staff loyalty and dedication lies in how 35 of our current staff members have been employed for over 10 years while we have a further 40 employees who have been with us around five to ten years, and four who have stayed with us for over 40 years of service.

Fun facts about Thomas Jewellers

Long Service

Well known and respected in Ballarat and the district, George Welfare currently holds the record for the longest service in the family business by a non-Thomas. He has served a total of 46 years, most of it as the Manager of the Thomas Jewellers outlet in Ballarat.

Royal Cuff Links

1974 was the year Prince Charles paid a visit to the city of Ballarat. A week before his visit, the City Council commissioned Thomas Jewellers to handcraft a pair of 18-carat solid gold cuff links with the city’s coat of arms meticulously engraved by hand. This job was made the top priority and the end result was a magnificent pair of cuff links, fit for royalty.

Calling back later

A soldier had brought his watch into a Thomas Jewellers store in 1939 to get it fixed, but was then called away for active service overseas before he could collect it back. He returned in 1945 and called in to collect his watch which was produced almost immediately, still keeping perfect time.

Thrice blessed

The Thomas Jewellers workshops have produced pectoral crosses for three bishops so far. These are extremely demanding jobs and our head jewellers advised that they’ve each been well and truly blessed before leaving our workshops

Seized Up

Years ago, the internal gears of a tower clock that had not been functioning since 1910 were brought into one of the Thomas Jewellers workshops, completely seized up in what resembled fine cement. It was only after hours of careful chipping away that our craftsmen realised that the cement was actually eight decades’ worth of pigeon droppings!

Cleared of the dried droppings, the clock now runs perfectly with a protective cover over it.

Late night shopping

In the early days of the business, it was normal to remain open until 11.00pm each Saturday, and on the midnight of Christmas Eve. Then, the average working week was 48 hours long without sick leave.

Hello stranger

A couple walked in to one of our stores to buy a diamond engagement ring. The lady began to introduce her future fiancé to the salesperson and was embarrassed because she had forgotten his name!


When Finance Director Les Drury commenced in 1956, the exchange rate with Japan was 415 yen to the then-equivalent of AUD$1. Now the rate is around 80 yen to AUD$1.

Up a flagpole

In 2010, the manager at the Warrnambool store accessed the roof through a service hole to replace the then-damaged Thomas Jewellers flag. It was only when he was up on the roof did he remember that he was scared of heights. Paralysed with fear, he then used his mobile phone to call for help. Five minutes later, the fire brigade arrived, promptly rescuing him using their cherry-picker.

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