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Ring Size Finder

At Thomas Jewellers, we want to help find your perfect ring size so you will never have to deal with receiving the wrong finger size.

Having been in the jewellery business for over a century, we know how frustrating it is dealing with an ill-fitting ring. While you will get the most accurate sizing when having your finger measured in one of our stores, Thomas Jewellers have also produced a downloadable ring sizing guide for you to print and determine your ring size in two easy ways, all in the ease and comfort of your own home.

First, download and print our Ring Sizing Guide. Before printing, please ensure that page scaling is set to None in your Print Options, and that you are printing on standard A4-size paper.

Measure Finger

  1. To measure the circumference of your finger, cut out the marked ring sizer as shown below.
  2. Wrap the ring sizer around the intended finger with the number side visible to you.
  3. Note down the letter that is the closest to the slit on the fatter end – that is your ring size.

Measure Ring

  1. If you would simply like to measure rings you currently own, first select one that fits your intended finger correctly.

  2. Then place the ring over the circles as shown below under the inside of the ring matches a specific circle – that is your ring size.

  3. If your ring falls between two sizes, always go with the larger size.

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