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Keep your beloved Thomas Jewellers diamond rings looking brand new with our all new in-store cleaning service!

We understand how it is – buying a fantastic piece of jewellery, only to have it go dull and looking weathered within a few short years. Particularly with diamond jewellery; though diamonds and precious stones are extremely durable, they are subject to damage as well. To keep your jewellery at its best condition will require regular maintenance on your part.

With Thomas Jewellers, each diamond ring you purchase instantly comes with a lifetime cleaning service. This service, exclusive only to diamond rings purchased both online and in-store, allows you to bring your ring(s) into any Thomas Jewellers store to get it thoroughly cleaned and polished, completely free-of-charge.

Only diamond rings purchased from Thomas Jewellers are valid for this service. Each ring brought in has to be accompanied with a copy of its receipt or the valuation certificate for purchase proof. Once accepted, your diamond ring will be cleaned and polished by our highly qualified jewellers, and ready for collection within two to three working days.

If you have any enquiries about this exclusive Thomas Jewellers service, feel free to leave us a note on our Enquiry Form and we will be in touch within three business days.

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